France-Lanord was founded in 1865 in Nancy by two masons, Jules-Gilbert Bichaton and Pierre-Eusèbe Perrin. They were very quickly joined by Jean-Baptiste France-Lanord, a stonemason, and the company was named after its founders. For more than a century, the rapid expansion of the company was closely linked to the history of the Lorrain region, its economic growth, as well as its reconstruction after the First and Second World War.

The France-Lanord’s and Bichaton’s succeeded each other at the head of the company with the same diligence and interest in modernity. They introduced innovative methods and new technology such as the use of reinforced concrete as early as 1895. This enabled the company to carry out most of the masterpieces of Art Nouveau in Nancy, alongside distinguished artists and architects such as Louis Majorelle, Joseph Hornecker, Emile André ou Lucien Weissenburger.

After the Second World War, the company diversified its know-how in the areas of masonry and joinery restoration of historical monuments. The high level of technicality the company deployed on its sites has given it a strong domestic and worldwide reputation.